Version 6.8 - Elevator Antics (2018/05)

Dakota’s graphical user interface (GUI) was substantially updated.

  • Dakota input files are fully explorable in the project navigator tree.

  • Workspace, project, and file/folder management mechanisms that are standard in the Eclipse framework were adopted.

  • Dakota may be run through Eclipse run configurations.

  • The analysis driver creation wizard was refactored.

  • A preliminary (alpha) version of a new workflow engine has been incorporated. It includes specific nodes for pre-processing and post-processing data files (assists with Dakota interfacing with a simulation model) and for launching Dakota as part of a larger workflow

A number of bugfixes and other enhancements were made as well:

  • Added support for built-in Plotly plotting on Linux platforms

  • Better default behavior for unlabeled response values, e.g., that were causing correlation matrix parsing to fail

  • Squelched “phantom” pop-up dialog behind real dialogs on Linux build

  • Bugfix: Mac/Linux version of Dakota GUI appears to truncate Dakota output stream