Version 6.17 - Northern Kremisphere (2022/11)

Dakota GUI 6.17 splash screen

Version 6.17 is a less dramatic release of Dakota GUI that mainly focuses on bugfixes and incremental feature improvements.

  • Integration with the new Sphinx-based Dakota help documentation system

  • The ability to edit response metadata has been added to the response table in the Dakota Visual Editor.

  • Improvements to the new MLMF study editor.

  • A variety of small bugfixes that keep the Dakota Text Editor, Dakota Visual Editor, and input file tree view in sync with each other.

XStream Note: The official version of XStream has been removed, due to a security vulnerability. For the time being, we are using a Sandia-developed fork of XStream in its place for backwards compatibility, but XStream will eventually stop being used for XML-based object serialization altogether. Stay tuned for more information.

Deprecation Note: Links to the old Reference and GUI manuals have been removed; however, the files for the 6.15 reference manual, the 6.16 reference manual, and the GUI’s 6.16 manual still reside inside the plugin for now.