Potential contributors to Dakota should review the Contributing to Dakota page.

Historical Dakota Authors

Individuals who have contributed directly to Dakota’s core since its inception in 1993, including source, examples, and infrastructure. Other current developers are listed on the About the Team page.

Format: author (organization when contributing, current affiliation): specific contribution.

Core and Algorithms

  • Bengt Abel (BMW): interface to NLPQL

  • Bruce Bainbridge (SNL): core developer, LHS interface

  • Myles Baker: linear polynomial surrogate model

  • Ross Bartlett (SNL, now ORNL): rSQP interface (not currently active)

  • Barron Bichon (SNL, now SWRI): local and global reliability

  • Michael Brayer (SNL): utilities, IDR input parser

  • Keith Dalbey (SNL): surrogate models

  • Brian Dennis (SNL): graphics, response surfaces

  • Brian Driessen (SNL): core developer, IDR input parser

  • Danny Dunlavy (SNL): core developer, constrained SBO formulations

  • Mohamed Ebeida (SNL): domain decomposition surrogates, UQ, and optimization

  • Dave Gay (SNL, currently AMPL Optimization, LLC and University of New Mexico): core developer

  • Roger Ghanem (SNL, Johns Hopkins University, now USC): PCE prototype

  • Tony Giunta (SNL): core developer, Surfpack, SBO, support infrastructure

  • Bill Hart (SNL): core developer, Acro, branch and bound interfaces

  • Chris Moen (SNL): core developer, OPT++ interface

  • Jason Monschke (SNL): active subspace algorithms

  • Ben Pax (SNL, now Purdue): verification algorithms

  • John Red-horse (SNL): PCE prototype

  • Mark Richards (SNL, now UIUC): updates to Surfpack interface

  • Ahmad Rushdi (UT Austin/UC Davis): domain decomposition surrogates, UQ, and optimization

  • Boyd Schimel (SNL): core developer, optimizer interfaces

  • Todd Simmermacher (SNL): core developer, parameter studies

  • Gary Tang (SNL, now Stanford): Sobol indices for PCE

  • Pam Williams (SNL, now elsewhere): OPT++ DDACE interfaces

  • Steve Wojtkiewicz (SNL, now University of Minnesota): core developer of original DAKOTA/UQ

Interfaces and Applications

  • Yann Collette (Hutchinson, France): Scilab Interfaces

  • Yann Chapalain (Hutchinson, France): Scilab Interfaces

  • Hongman Kim (Phoenix Integration, Inc.): ModelCenter API

  • Dave Outka (SNL): QTran examples

  • Lee Peterson (NASA JPL): improvements to Matlab interface

  • Vince Romero (SNL): application interfaces / examples, including QTran

  • Bart van Bloemen Waanders (SNL): application interfaces / examples

  • Walt Witkowski (SNL)

Building, Testing, and Porting

  • Mario Alleva (SNL, now elsewhere): core developer; test/support infrastructure

  • Shane Brown (SNL, now KAPL): core developer; test/support infrastructure

  • Kayla Coleman (NCSU): Docker container to run Dakota with QUESO; DakotaQUESO

  • Joe Frye (SNL): software engineering and project management infrastructure

  • Karen Haskell (SNL): testing and deployment infrastructure

  • Bill Hoffman (Kitware): CMake build system for MSVC

  • Eric Phipps (SNL): CMake build system enhancements

  • Ronald Rhea (SNL): building and porting

  • Craig Shierling (SNL): utilities, build harness

  • Zack Galbreath (SNL, Kitware): CMake build system enhancements

  • Dena Vigil (SNL): test/support infrastructure, CMake build system, web

Third-party Library Credits

Contributors to third-party libraries used by Dakota who also advised on their integration in Dakota. See Packages for a full list of Dakota TPLs.

  • Acro/Coliny: Bill Hart, John Siirola, Jean-Paul Watson (SNL); Jonathan Eckstein (Rutgers University)

  • APPSPACK/HOPSPACK: Tammy Kolda (SNL), Virginia Torczon (College of William and Mary), Todd Plantenga (SNL)

  • FSUDace: John Burkhardt (Virginia Tech.)

  • DDACE: Patty Hough (SNL), Monica Martinez-Canales (SNL, now Intel Corporation)

  • JEGA: John Eddy (SNL)

  • LHS: Laura Swiler, Greg Wyss (SNL)

  • MARS: Jim McEnerney (LLNL)

  • NCSUOpt (batch interface): Josh Griffin (SNL, now SAS Institute, Inc.)

  • OPT++: Patty Hough, Pam Williams (SNL)

  • Surfpack: Keith Dalbey (SNL), Shane Brown (SNL, now KAPL), Eric Cyr (SNL), Mike Eldred (SNL), Tony Giunta (SNL), Mark Richards (SNL, now UIUC)

  • pyprepro: Justin Winokur (SNL)

Other Contributors

  • Lara Bauman: product manager, GUI advisor

  • Ken Hu (SNL): product manager, documentation

  • Jim Stewart (SNL): Business management

    1. Greg Weirs (SNL): Application deployment and consulting

  • George Orient (SNL): product manager, GUI advisor