Compiling Dakota

For more experienced users, Dakota can be built from source code. Consider this option if:

  • You want to customize Dakota with additional packages, e.g., enable QUESO or an experimental feature

  • You are installing to a platform not explcitly listed in the binary executable distribution list (including Linux other than RHEL-compatible)

  • You have previously licensed DOT, NPSOL, and/or NLPQL and want to add these packages to the Dakota build.

Compiling Dakota from source requires:

Quickstart Build

This simple example shows the Dakota build process (configure, compile, install) on a Unix-like platform with mostly default options:

mkdir build
cd build

# configure the build tree
cmake -D CMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=/path/to/dakota-installation /path/to/dakota-source

# compile/link, specifying the number of processors
make -j 4

# run a minimal set of Dakota acceptance tests (these should all pass)
ctest -j 4 -L Accept

# install to the specified prefix
make install

The remaining pages in this section describe the compilation process and options in more detail.