Version 6.11 - Hot Head Hop (2019/11)

The Dakota GUI has added many significant feature improvements over the last year. The Dakota GUI now allows you to seamlessly browse Dakota’s HDF5 database output files, as well as generate sophisticated graphical plots from HDF5 data with just a few clicks. HDF5 browsing and plot generation can also be driven within Dakota GUI by Next-Gen Workflow, a powerful tool that allows you to construct node-based workflows for complex tasks.

  • The new Dakota Visual Editor enables you to edit Dakota input files using graphical widgets instead of a text editor.

    • Methods supported in this release: sampling, centered parameter studies, multidimensional parameter studies, list parameter studies, vector parameter studies

  • In-situ browsing of HDF database files generated by Dakota.

  • Integration between HDF database files and graphical plotting.

  • Improved graphical plotting support for centered parameter studies, optimization studies, incremental LHS studies, and Sobol method studies.

  • Improved support for screenshots of graphical plots.

  • Improved support for using the Next-Gen Workflow engine as an analysis driver for Dakota.

  • Various improvements to the Dakota text editor.

  • The Dakota GUI manual is now accessible directly from the GUI.

Other Notes and Known Issues

  • Warning: Intermittent Crash Bug in RHEL7 Version on Dakota GUI 6.11

    • There exists a potential application-crashing bug in the RHEL7 version of Dakota GUI that we are still investigating. This bug occurs in the BMF model creation dialog, when you are naming variables for your model. When you are done naming a variable, if you use the mouse to close the editor for that variable name, the GUI can potentially crash. Instead, use the Enter key to apply your current variable name and close the editor, or the Escape key to cancel your edited variable name and close the editor.

Enabling / Accessing: Dakota GUI ships with Dakota and is available for Windows, Mac, and RHEL7.

Documentation: An enhanced version of the Dakota GUI manual now ships with the GUI, giving you easy access to a wealth of reference material for using the GUI.