Version 6.15 - Lakeside Limbo (2021/11)

Dakota GUI 6.15 splash screen

Multi-level / Multi-fidelity Editor (Experimental)

  • New Dakota input file editor tailored to working with multi-level / multi-fidelity studies. Allows for easy manipulation of model hierarchies and solution level costs.


  • New Next-Gen Workflow node for simultaneously visualizing the uncertainty distributions of all study variables

  • Support more variable distribution types (histogram_bin_uncertain, histogram_point_uncertain)

  • Enhancements and bugfixes for the calibrationHistory node in Next-Gen Workflow.

  • Chartreuse section of Preferences dialog now shows you a preview of the default color scale.

Dakota Help

  • GUI now reverts to the most recently released documentation URL if a specific version of Dakota’s reference manual cannot be loaded

Visual Editor

  • Added form-based editing support for OPT++ family of methods.

  • Some options now available in context menus throughout the Visual Editor (pre-processor replacement, Dakota reference manual access)