Version 6.14 - Koindozer Klamber (2021/05)

Dakota GUI 6.14 splash screen

Dakota Surrogates

  • New GUI support for serialized Dakota surrogates files.

Dakota Input File Editing

  • Editing support for the coliny_ea method.

  • Editing support for individual response properties.

  • Added support for pre-processor syntax in the Dakota Visual Editor with the hotkey Ctrl+Shift+P.

Chartreuse (Next-Gen Workflow Integration)

  • New CalibrationHistory plotting node.

  • New ScatterPlotSuite node, for paging through large sets of scatter plots.

  • Custom X/Y labels for basic Chartreuse plotting nodes in workflow

Next-Gen Workflow

  • New surrogates node, for applying Dakota surrogates files to workflows.

  • New variablePdfVisualizer node

  • Refactored the Dakota node for advanced handling of Dakota parameters and results files


  • Show Dakota eval id on point hover text

  • weibull and log_normal supported for variable distribution visualization


  • Deprecation note: Output stream scraping has been removed from Dakota GUI

  • Using GUI surrogates interface may require judicious population of LD_LIBRARY_PATH and/or DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH, inquire on the dakota-users mailing list if you need help.