Version 6.7 - Doorstop Dash (2017/11)

Graphical user interface supports a number of additional visualization types, an examples repository browser, and considerably improved interoperation with Dakota command-line interface.

Plotting enhancements

  • Support for log scales

  • Ability to show multiple plot “canvases” together on a grid

  • User-created plots are now top-level Dakota project components

Integration of CLI and GUI

  • Import previously-run Dakota data (output stream, error stream, tabular data, etc) into GUI

  • Dakota console output displayed in GUI

  • Improved Dakota keyword support in GUI

  • Support for path lengths longer than 260 characters on Windows


  • Driver script is automatically created and connected if a Dakota study is created using the wizard and a known simulation model

  • Improved controls for determining Dakota’s working directory

  • Improved support in the GUI for shipped Dakota examples

  • Support for renaming Dakota projects

  • Reorganized GUI menu options