Version 6.13 - Jungle Japes (2020/11)

Dakota GUI 6.13 splash screen


  • New “Sandbox View” for fast visualizations of generic data using Chartreuse.

  • Support added to Chartreuse for CSV files

  • Four-dimensional Chartreuse scatter plots (i.e. time-based node coloring)

Dakota Input File Editing

  • New form-based editors for Dakota interface blocks and hybrid method blocks.

  • Limited support for visualization of Dakota uncertainty variables (normal, lognormal, weibull)

  • Pre-processing markup supported in Dakota text editor, which also provides a new mechanism for assigning multiple NGW-based analysis drivers at runtime.

  • Dark theme support for Dakota text editor


  • New column-based QOI extractors for extracting fields from tabular/CSV-based data

  • Warning: The qoiExtractor node in Next-Gen Workflow has received backwards-incompatible changes. You must delete your qoiExtractor nodes and reconfigure them upon switching to 6.13


  • “dprepro” node added to Next-Gen Workflow

  • General enhancements for the New Dakota Study wizard