Dakota Console Options

When Dakota is running, it displays its console output in the Console view:

Example Dakota console

There are some actions available in the Console view that you should be aware of:

Console options

From left to right:

  • Terminate Attempts to stop Dakota from running further. This icon will be grayed out if Dakota is not running.

  • Remove Console Close the console view. You can always bring the console back from the list of views (Window > Show View > Other… then select General > Console).

  • Clear Console Rather than closing the whole console, this action simply clears all of the text and leaves the console open.

  • Scroll Lock Toggle scroll lock on the console.

  • Word Wrap Toggle word wrap for the console.

  • Pin Console Pins the console to the front. If you have multiple consoles open, pinning keeps the current one in focus.

  • Display Selected Console Allows you to switch between multiple open consoles.

  • New Console View Opens a new console.