This node allows you to define “quantity of interest extractors” (QOI extractors, from this point on) which are simple, human-readable regular expressions that allow you to extract values from unknown text sources. For instance, suppose you want to take a specific value from a log file. A log file can be of varying length, so we can’t use absolute positioning to get the value. But a QOI extractor will do the trick.

Refer to the main documentation on QOIs for more information.


No properties.


This node’s settings editor contains a table displaying the QOI extractors you have defined so far.

  • Add QOI Extractor: opens a dialog allowing you to define a new QOI extractor.

  • Edit QOI Extractor: opens a dialog allowing you to edit a previously defined QOI extractor.

  • Remove QOI Extractor: deletes a previously defined QOI extractor.

Input Ports

  • inputText: the stream of text to extract QOIs from.

Output Ports

  • qoiMap: A map data structure containing key-value pairs, where the key is the name of your QOI extractor,and the value is what was extracted from the text stream based on the expression you defined.


Note that individual output ports are created for you each time you create a new QOI extractor. This is providedso that you can pass out individual extracted QOIs instead of using the qoiMap, if you prefer.