(Experimental) Labels for floating point response metadata


  • Alias: None

  • Arguments: STRINGLIST

  • Default: no metadata


Specify the labels (field names) for floating point-valued metadata responses to be returned from the interface.

Dakota’s emerging metadata responses are distinct from the response quantities of interest explored by a Dakota method. Some, such as simulation cost might be used by a method (such as method-multifidelity_sampling and related methods) to make algorithmic decisions. Other metadata might just be tabulated for user convenience.

Usage Tips

In a results_file, values and labels for metadata should follow any function values, gradients, or Hessians returned by the simulation.


A responses specification where the Dakota method will be applied to quantities of interest stress and displacement, while metadata simulation cost in minutes and number of dead elements will be tabulated for each evaluation:

  descriptors 'stress' 'displacement'
  response_functions 2
  metadata 'simulation_cost_minutes' 'number_dead_elements'