Labels for the responses


  • Alias: response_descriptors

  • Arguments: STRINGLIST

  • Default: root strings plus numeric identifiers


A list of strings which identify the responses. These are used in console and tabular output. Response descriptors are ordered by primary response functions (objective, calibration, or response functions), followed by inequality, then equality constraints, if present.

Default Behavior

The default descriptor strings use a response type-dependent root string plus a one-based numeric identifier:

  • Objective functions: obj_fn_i

  • Calibration terms: least_sq_term_i

  • Nonlinear inequality constraints: nln_ineq_con_i

  • Nonlinear equality constraints: nln_eq_con_i

  • Response functions: response_fn_

Expected Output Dakota will label the various response functions in console and tabular output.

Usage Tips When specifying descriptors for scalar and/or field responses, include as many descriptors as top-level scalar + field responses, e.g.,

  descriptors 'scalar1' 'scalar2' 'scalar3' 'field1' 'field2'
  response_functions 5
    scalar_responses 3
    field_responses 2
      field_lengths 42 24

Dakota will append a numeric identifier for each field entry, for a total of 42 field1_j and 24 field2_k in this example.


  descriptors 'cost' 'impact' 'safety'
  objective_functions 2
  nonlinear_inequality_constraints 1