Solution mode for multilevel/multifidelity methods


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  • Default: online pilot

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Ensemble Sampling Solution Mode


Specify a solution mode that includes the pilot cost within the sample allocation logic


Specify a solution mode that excludes the pilot cost from sample allocation logic


Specify a solution mode that estimates performance based on projecting initial correlation/variance estimates from a pilot sample


Multilevel / multifidelity sampling methods are adaptive UQ methods that utilize a pilot sample to estimate an initial set of correlations or variances, and then augment the pilot with additional sample increments to optimally allocate resources. The pilot sample can be integrated according to one of three solution modes:

  • online_pilot: include pilot sample cost within sample allocation (default)

  • offline_pilot: treat pilot cost as offline and exclude from sample allocation

  • pilot_projection: only perform the pilot sample and only estimate the expected performance based on a projection of the pilot statistics (useful for method selection)

Default Behavior Online pilot