Specify the probability of a crossover event


  • Alias: None

  • Arguments: REAL

  • Default: 0.8


The crossover_type controls what approach is employed for combining parent genetic information to create offspring, and the crossover_rate specifies the probability of a crossover operation being performed to generate a new offspring. The SCOLIB EA method supports three forms of crossover, two_point, blend, and uniform, which generate a new individual through combinations of two parent individuals. Two-point crossover divides each parent into three regions, where offspring are created from the combination of the middle region from one parent and the end regions from the other parent. Since the SCOLIB EA does not utilize bit representations of variable values, the crossover points only occur on coordinate boundaries, never within the bits of a particular coordinate. Uniform crossover creates offspring through random combination of coordinates from the two parents. Blend crossover generates a new individual randomly along the multidimensional vector connecting the two parents.