Online Examples Repository

If you are internal to Sandia, we recommend accessing the official Examples Library directly on gitlab-ex. Library content has been tailored to render correctly there, and any additions or changes we make to examples will be available immediately. On Gitlab, we recommend browsing the folder structure or using search to find what you are looking for.


Examples are organized topically in a hierarchy of folders. Each example (and in some cases collection of examples) has a README, which is in markdown format. This document includes a description of the example and other details, such as how to run or use the example yourself.

Examples in the “official” folder were created or reviewd by Dakota project team members and are tested. The “contributed” examples are those we believe may be useful but have received a lower level of vetting.

(Some of the other folders you may encounter, such as cmake, handle testing and packaging and can be disregarded if you aren’t a Dakota developer.)

Contributing Dakota Examples

If you’ve created an example that you feel may be of value to others, we invite you to submit it for inclusion in the Library. Please contact the user support mailing list,

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