Initial values for variables


  • Alias: cdv_initial_point

  • Arguments: REALLIST

  • Default: 0.0


Specifies the initial or default value a variable should assume, for example when starting a method or fixing the value of an inactive variable.

Default Behavior

Range variables, including continuous_design, continuous_state, discrete_design_range, and discrete_state_range are initialized to:

  • Mean/midpoint (or next smaller integer value) when doubly-bounded

  • 0 when unbounded

  • 0 when semi-bounded and zero is in the half interval, otherwise to the specified lower or upper bound

Set variables, including discrete_design_set and discrete_state_set default to the middle (or next smaller) value of the ordered set of admissible values.

Uncertain variables default initialize to their mean (or nearest admissible discrete) value, truncating to any specified lower or upper bounds as needed. Epistemic uncertain variable means are calculated making a probabilistic assumption on the specified intervals or set values.