Seed of the random number generator


  • Alias: None

  • Arguments: INTEGER

  • Default: system-generated (non-repeatable)


The random seed control provides a mechanism for making a stochastic method repeatable. That is, the use of the same random seed in identical studies will generate identical results.

Default Behavior

If not specified, the seed is randomly generated.

Expected Output

If seed is specified, a stochastic study will generate identical results when repeated using the same seed value. Otherwise, results are not guaranteed to be the same.

Usage Tips

If a stochastic study was run without seed specified, and the user later wishes to repeat the study using the same seed, the value of the seed used in the original study can be found in the output Dakota prints to the screen. That value can then be added to the Dakota input file.


    sample_type lhs
    samples = 10
    seed = 15347