Select a search method for Newton-based optimizers


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Line Search Method


Use only function values for line search


Set the search method to use the gradient


Use trust region as the globalization strategy.


Use direct search as the local search in a trust region method


The search_method control is defined for all Newton-based optimizers and is used to select between trust_region, gradient_based_line_search, and value_based_line_search methods. The gradient_based_line_search option uses the line search method proposed by [MT94]. This option satisfies sufficient decrease and curvature conditions; whereas, value_base_line_search only satisfies the sufficient decrease condition. At each line search iteration, the gradient_based_line_search method computes the function and gradient at the trial point. Consequently, given expensive function evaluations, the value_based_line_search method is preferred to the gradient_based_line_search method. Each of these Newton methods additionally supports the tr_pds selection for unconstrained problems. This option performs a robust trust region search using pattern search techniques. Use of a line search is the default for bound-constrained and generally-constrained problems, and use of a trust_region search method is the default for unconstrained problems.