Replace population


  • Alias: None

  • Arguments: None


Replace the population with members selected to continue in the next generation. The pool of potential members is the current population and the current set of offspring. The replacement_type of roulette_wheel or unique_roulette_wheel may be used either with MOGA or SOGA problems however they are not recommended for use with MOGA. Given that the only two fitness assessors for MOGA are the layer_rank and domination_count, the recommended selector is the below_limit selector. The below_limit replacement will only keep designs that are dominated by fewer than a limiting number of other designs. The replacement_type of favor_feasible is specific to a SOGA. This replacement operator will always prefer a more feasible design to a less feasible one. Beyond that, it favors solutions based on an assigned fitness value which must have been installed by the weighted sum only fitness assessor (see the discussion below).