List of variable values to evaluate in a list parameter study


  • Alias: None

  • Arguments: REALLIST


The list_of_points keyword allows the user to specify, in a freeform format, a list of variable values at which to compute a model response.

Default Behavior

The user is required to provide a list of points for a list parameter study either by specifying it with list_of_points or by providing a file from which such a list can be read via import_points_file. There is no default list of points.

Usage Tips

The number of values in the list must be an integer multiple of the number of variables. Dakota will verify that this condition is met.


    list_of_points =
                 3.1e6    0.0029    0.31
                 3.2e6    0.0028    0.32
                 3.3e6    0.0027    0.34
                 3.3e6    0.0026    0.36