Activate adaptive procedure for determining the best basis order


  • Alias: None

  • Arguments: None

  • Default: false


This option activates a cross validation procedure to select the best basis order for representing the current set of data. It searches from start_order to max_order in increments of kick_order.

Default Behavior

No cross validation for basis order.


This example shows specification of an order adaptation starting at order 2, incrementing by 2, and limited at order 6.

 id_model = 'FT'
 surrogate global function_train
   start_rank = 4
   adapt_order  start_order = 2  kick_order = 2  max_order = 6
   solver_tolerance   = 1e-12
   rounding_tolerance = 1e-12
 dace_method_pointer = 'SAMPLING'

Note that adapt_rank and adapt_order can either be combined or used separately.