Gaussian Process surrogate model


  • Alias: kriging

  • Arguments: None

  • Default: Surfpack Gaussian process

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Dakota Keyword

Dakota Keyword Description

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GP Implementation


Use the Surfpack version of Gaussian Process surrogates


Select the built in Gaussian Process surrogate


Use the experimental Gaussian Process surrogate


Use the Gaussian process (GP) surrogate from Surfpack, which is specified using the surfpack keyword.

An alternate version of GP surrogates was available in prior versions of Dakota. For now, both versions are supported but the ``dakota`` version is deprecated and intended to be removed in a future release.

Known Issue: When using discrete variables, there have been sometimes significant differences in surrogate behavior observed across computing platforms in some cases. The cause has not yet been fully diagnosed and is currently under investigation. In addition, guidance on appropriate construction and use of surrogates with discrete variables is under development. In the meantime, users should therefore be aware that there is a risk of inaccurate results when using surrogates with discrete variables.