Name the interface block; helpful when there are multiple




  • Alias: None

  • Arguments: STRING

  • Default: use of last interface parsed


The optional id_interface keyword accepts a string that uniquely identifies this interface block. A model can then use this interface by specifying the same string in its interface_pointer specification.

Default Behavior

If the id_interface specification is omitted, a particular interface specification will be used by a model only if that model does not include an interface_pointer and the interface block was the last (or only) one parsed.

Usage Tips

  • It is a best practice to always use explicit interface IDs and pointers to avoid confusion.

  • If only one interface block exists, then id_interface can be safely omitted from the interface block (and interface_pointer omitted from the model specification(s)), since there is no ambiguity.


For example, a model specification including

  interface_pointer = 'I1'

will link to an interface with

id_interface = 'I1'