Build and Install Dakota

Compiling Dakota typically involves running make or another system-native build tool.

Unix-like with make: To build Dakota on Unix, Linux, Mac, and similar platforms:

make -j <N>

where the optional -j N specifies to build with N concurrent processes. When ready to install or generate binary or source packages:

make -j <N> install
make package
make package_source

Windows with Visual Studio: To build Dakota on Windows:

  • Open $DAK_BUILD/Dakota.sln in Visual Studio

  • Use Configuration Manager to choose Release or Debug build

  • Build the ALL_BUILD (or an individual) target

It’s also possible to build on Windows at the command line using the devenv or nmake commands. When ready to install or package, build the corresponding targets in Visual Studio.

CMake-driven Build: It’s also possible to drive the steps using the platform-agnostic cmake --build command, e.g.,

cmake --build .
cmake --install .