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This site hosts the Dakota documentation, whereas this is the primary Dakota Website. Other references appear below for convenience.

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The Dakota project delivers both state-of-the-art research and robust, usable software for optimization and UQ. Broadly, the Dakota software’s advanced parametric analyses enable design exploration, model calibration, risk analysis, and quantification of margins and uncertainty with computational models. The Dakota toolkit provides a flexible, extensible interface between such simulation codes and its iterative systems analysis methods, which include:

These capabilities may be used on their own or as components within advanced strategies such as hybrid optimization, surrogate-based optimization, mixed integer nonlinear programming, or optimization under uncertainty.

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Dakota: Main Dakota repository, uses git submodules, some of which may need to be turned off with git submodule deinit for those without access.

Examples Library: Runnable examples with input files, simulation interfaces, training examples, and case studies.

(The authoritative upstream Dakota repositories are hosted at Sandia National Laboratories and routinely mirrored to GitHub.)

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